Frequently Asked Questions


Who/What Is Crypto Genie?


Crypto Genie is a 1x3 matrix system and our mission is really simple - to empower you with a truly life-changing opportunity to create generational wealth for you and your family, which we accomplish by deliberate and calculated steps, that are designed to achieve significant financial growth with minimal capital outlay!


How Does It Works?


It is a simple but powerful Matrix program. Is a 1 x 3 Company Force Matrix Plan with a membership fee of $15.00 to earn $30.00 without LIMIT. Each positioned member needs only three (3) positions (downlines) below to cycle and complete the system. Its a company forced matrix and no one is left behind because spots are filled from left to right irrespective of you recruiting or not (But We Encourage Promotion - It Helps The System)!


Do You Pay Referral Commisions?


Yes! Yes! The system pays direct referral commission of $5.00 per referral and $2.5 indirect referral commission. Direct referral commision is the commission you earn when a signee uses your referral link to sign up and activate a position whiles the indirect referral commission is what you earn when your downline also refers an active person!


Do I Enjoy Any Additional Benefits?


Yes! Yes! Active members seeks to enjoy the use of our Automated Facebook Tool, Crypto Education, Premium Crypto News Updates and Many More...!


What Makes Crypto Genie Unique Among Other Matrices??


The system is backed by a TRADE FUND. A portion of members deposits goes to what we call the TRADE FUND which is use specifically for trading. The returns from the TRADE FUND is use to purchase positions into the system periodically to prevent stalling. What happens when members stop recruiting? What happens when there is lack of promotion? The trade fund sustains the Matrix! From our payplan its indicated as Downline Support ($7.5)


How Many Positions Can One Buy?


Members can buy as many positions as they can but at an hour interval. This is to promote fairness in the system!


What Is Repurchase Fund?


This is a NON WITHDRAWAL fund. After a member cycle, its expected of the member to use that fund to repurchase position again. It cannot be withdraw from the system, hence it's an internal control measure to keep the system running and also to prevent hit and run!


How Much Can I Withdraw?


You are entitled to withdraw any amount any day any time save the REPURCHASE FUND (Its Meant For Position Repurchase - So Please Purchase Position After Cycling)! Kindly be noted that withdrawals are processed on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays Respectively!